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Tangled trying to decide on a wireless charger?

Tangled trying to decide on a wireless charger?

Plugging in a single, and mostly universal, cable to charge a device that you almost can't live without seems so medieval these days. Time check - we're in 2020, so drop the sword and drop your smartphone onto a wireless charger to keep your device powered and your life together.

medieval guy with iPhone and AirPods

With so many options available for wireless charging, it can be difficult to choose what's right for you. To help, we've listed and summed up what you should look out for. Some key points to consider when trying to decide on a wireless charger: 

  1. Will it match your home/office decor?
  2. Does it support fast charging?
  3. Can it charge multiple devices? 
  4. Pad or stand? 

Think about how many times a day you pick up and put down your phone. Now, imagine you topped up your battery, even just a few percent, every time you put it down. The one hundred and something times that you did, you missed out on a battery top up.  

Few wireless chargers support fast charging speeds, though for most, the convenience of simply dropping your device onto a pad outweighs the need for fast charging. It's not uncommon to have a few around the house or at work, so they can be accessible everywhere. You might even notice them out and about now - McDonald's have even incorporated them into some of their restaurants. 

maccas McDonalds wireless charging qi

If style and design are important to you, you're not forgotten. We've seen brands such as Moshi, EFM, Nomad, and Satechi (just to name a few) that have kept style and aesthetics in mind when designing these accessories. Some available finishes include leather, fabric and woodgrain. With an array of options, it should be pretty easy to find one that compliments your space well. 

3% 🙄 ... go on, get your charger. We'll wait.

Ok, let's do a quick stat check. Stand up if you have a work phone, a tablet, a smartwatch, earph.. ok everyone sit down. It's 2020 and we all have more than just a phone. I have more devices than I know what to do with. If you're considering a duo or trio wireless charger, you can replace up to 3 charging cables with one clean and sleek pad. 

Satechi Wireless Trio Charger

Recently, wireless charging stands have become increasingly popular also. If you want to be able to check your notifications at a glance, or use your phone as a bedside table clock, our wireless charging stands might be the better choice for you. 

We've selected a few our favourites below to help you make a decision on which wireless charger is the best for you. 

Satechi Trio Wireless Charger

We like that the watch charger is included and can sit upright or flat. It includes a power brick to plug into the wall which is rare nowadays 👀 However, it is designed specifically for the Apple ecosystem which includes an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch (sorry Android users). 

EFM 15W Leather Charging Pad

A 15W Wireless Charger means you'll receive fast charging on compatible devices. The minimalistic and clean leather design allows you to put this wherever you like and it'll fit in just perfect. 

Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad 

The Mophie Charging Pad charges two devices at the same time - great for the living room or shared room. It also includes a USB-A port on the rear to power a watch charger. Offers 10W fast charging for those devices compatible.

Nomad Base Station Pro

Like the regular model of Nomad's Base Station, the sleek and modern design has always been a fan favourite. Now with FreePower, you can throw your device on the pad anywhere you like to charge. No need to fiddle around and find the Qi pad. 

These are only a few of our favourites, you can browse our wireless charging range to see what else is on offer, and get in touch if you're still tripping over which one to pick. 

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