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Charge your phone on the go with our extensive range of powerbanks for smartphones and USB devices. Fast charging and pocket sized, our selection of portable phone chargers has perfect solutions for travelling or when you’re simply out and about.

Have power available when you need it most. Our range of power banks features compact designs for easy travelling, high-output charging for fast power delivery, plus multiple USB ports so you can charge up to 4 devices at once. Simply charge your power bank at a regular wall adapter, and once fully charged take with you on the go to charge your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices.

A wireless power bank is perfect for letting you charge your devices while you’re travelling overseas on long flights. With high capacity power storage, selected power banks offer an additional three charges to your smartphone, so you can rest assured you’ll have maximum phone power when landing in your foreign destination. For mobile workers, portable phone chargers are a great alternative to car chargers and other traditional smartphone car accessories, particularly if you’re not driving often and don’t have access to a power adaptor.

Portable power in the palm of your hands! It’s exciting to view the list of devices you can charge with power banks. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and even gaming devices! The possibilities are as endless as your battery power. Priority charging features also enable pass-through charging when connected to a power source, so the power bank will recharge your device first, and then use the power station battery to recharge itself.

Shop the full range of power banks online from Tekitin along with our wide range of other phone accessories including phone screen protectors, wireless chargers, phone cases and more today. And don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with ZipPay and Afterpay!