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Laptop Stands. We've got your back.

Laptop Stands. We've got your back.

WFH a lot lately? You've probably noticed a few things: craning your neck in Zoom meetings, noisy laptop fan, stiff shoulders and some missing books and containers (we're talking about you ScoMo). 

The thing is – we are all guilty. We get into these awkward positions when we're working on our laptop, forcing us to lean forward and putting tension on our neck and lower back. But these poses can become a huge problem for you ergonomically, packing your cervical spine with some pounds of pressure over time.

Apart from physical exercises, laptop stands can step up and help you take some of that tension off.

Do laptop stands really work?

The answer is: yes, but only if you pick one that is right for you!

Doesn't matter where you're working from or how you're doing it, the rule of thumb is: pain is a clear signal that something is wrong.

So, put your stack of books aside and meet the laptop stands behind all those 5-star ratings! 

Top 3 things to look for when choosing your laptop stand

When buying a laptop stand for yourself, we recommend considering these few factors: 

Smart ergonomic setup

Every body is different, literally! Depending on your height, choosing a laptop stand that suits you ergonomically is like buying a pair of shoes that fit. Make your laptop work for you – you should never have to lean forward to type on your keyboard or bend your neck to view the screen.

With most suitable for laptops between 11” and 17”, shop our tested and rated favourites below: 

  • Completely height-adjustable, elevate the display as you wish, and a slightly fancier cousin of the fixed-height ones. Tip: bring the laptop about an arm's length away, with top of the screen at or slightly below your eye level for best posture.

No more laptop overheating

If you keep hearing loud fans coming from your laptop, it means it's overheating, overworked, and painfully lagging performance. 

Help cool your laptop and keep it chilled by preventing hardware damage and slower run times with these tech lover favourites: 

Maximise storage space

After a more uncluttered work surface? Get these stands that give you plenty of hiding space to store your phone, wallet and or even a packet of chips. 

Work comfortably anywhere

No more propping it up with cushions and blankets, it's time to get your lumbar support back. Set up your stylish station today and shop our best-valued range here.  

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