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Screen Protection

Keep your phone looking good as new for longer with our extensive collection of phone screen protectors. No matter how hard we try to keep our phones safe and out of harm - scratches, cracks and falls are inevitable. We use them on a daily basis, throw them in our bags with keys and other hard objects and sometimes phone cases just aren’t enough to protect the screen when we accidentally drop them.

Phone screen protectors are also great for keeping our screen clean and mark free. You can easily replace them when you need to, all the while keeping your actual glass screen spick and span. We have a wide selection of phone screen protectors on offer here at Tekitin, each designed to protect your phone’s glass screen from the hardships of everyday activities.

Choose from a wide range of tempered glass screen protectors for iPhones, Samsung Galaxys and Google Pixels. Our selection of tempered glass phone screen guards are made with the highest quality materials. Hardwearing, scratch resistant and shockproof so your mobile phone becomes durable and protected. Our range also includes flexi glass screen protectors that use revolutionary impact resistant technology.

With additional features such as rounded edges that blend perfectly with your device, you won’t even notice the difference between your phones real screen and the phone screen guard. The adhesive layer on all our screen protectors will also aid in the rapid dispersion of air bubbles, making application easy and effortless. All our screen protectors also maintain maximum touch screen sensitivity, so you won’t need to worry about losing the touch screen experience.

We also have a selection of curved glass screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S phones that will protect the screen edge to edge while maintaining the sleek curved appearance.

Shop our wide selection of phone screen protectors online from Tekitin today. We also have an extended range of smartphone accessories including wireless phone chargers as well as power banks for smartphones, tablets and laptops!