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Cases & Covers

They protect our phones when we drop them, but they also give our devices a personalised look and feel. Phone Covers are an understated phone accessory that anyone who owns a phone, needs.

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We have a wide selection of durable phone cases for phones of all shapes, sizes and makes. From Apple iPhone cases, to the Samsung Galaxy, to cases for the Google Pixel - no matter what phone you own, there’s a phone case for you, each perfectly designed to fit your phone chargers, headphones and cables.

Whether you’re after a practical option, or something with a bit more character, we have a diverse range of colours and styles to choose from. For the pragmatic shopper, we have a wide selection of booklet cases that protect the screen as well as the base of your phone.  Some even have convenient spaces for your cards so you can carry everything in one place at all times. Also, if you own a wireless phone charger, all our phone cases are perfectly compatible, so no need to remove your case when charging!

In terms of protecting your phone, there are multiple options to choose from. Keep it simple with a silicon case to protect from scratches, or choose the ultimate protection with hard phone armour that is shock resistant for all those times we accidentally let our phone slip out of our hands.

For anyone wanting to add some personality to their phone, we also have a wide selection of stylish, colourful phone covers that you’ll love. If glitter and sparkles are your thing, you can find them here! But we also have a hot selection of bold block colours, metallic glazes as well as clear cases with a coloured tinge.

Shop the full range of phone cases online from Tekitin along with our wide range of other phone accessories including phone screen protectors, power bankssmartphone car accessories and more today. And don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with ZipPay!