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Why Your Phone is Begging for a Tech21 Case

Why Your Phone is Begging for a Tech21 Case

The one thing you don't want to do after dropping some serious cash on a pricey smartphone is, well...dropping the phone. We've all been there. 

A cracked screen is relatively easy and cheap to fix, you can pretty much get that done anywhere near you, but it goes beyond that. A damaged LCD with discoloured areas and some black spots? Your wallet is not going to like it.

If living on the edge is not your thing, then read on to see how you can get yourself one of these phone cases that everyone is raving about.
With thousands of phone cases in the market these days, why do tech lovers need Tech21?

Unbeatable quality

This is one of those prime examples of how quality over quantity could change your life.

Cleverly designed by a team of scientists, they only use the most durable materials and most solid drop enduring cases around. Apart from being able to absorb huge impact drop after drop, these cases are thin and ultra-lightweight – because no one wants to carry a big and bulky case looking clumsy all day.

Tech21 Pure Clear for Samsung Galaxy S20+

Tech21 Pure Clear for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Tech21 Pure Clear for Google Pixel 4

Antimicrobial & kills 99.99% of germs

No one wants to touch a scratched phone that is full of germs.
You can now say goodbye to both with Tech21's built-in antibacterial protection, reducing microbes by up to 99.99% and keeping your phone hygienically clean. Trusted even by the most critical germaphobes, it's hard to fault this range. Another bonus? It's UV-resistant, meaning no more yucky yellowing cases.

Tech21 EvoClear for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

Tech21 Evo Clear for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Tech21 Pure Clear for Google Pixel 4

Tech21 Anti-Microbial Impact Glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sustainable, eco and wallet-friendly

Be kind to the earth because it's the only one with smartphones in it (well, for now).

These sustainable cases will see you through some very tough falls, and you don't need to keep replacing them (or your phone). We're sure you've used many cheaper cases before, but they all started to show cracks after a short while and made their way to the landfill. And that's why you're here reading this article, right?
Many cases in the market claim to be eco-friendly, but a lot of them are produced from weaker materials and barely do their job. The Tech21 range is made from plant-based material, and can handle a drop from 10ft, making it the most durable buddy you'll ever use!
If you crack your iPhone 12 these days, you're looking at around $300 to fix the OLED screen. Compared to the Tech21 EvoClear case, you're paying 1/6 of the repair price to protect your pride and joy. The best part is, they are all MagSafe compatible. Forget mobile insurance; this is a much more wallet-friendly option.

Tech21 Pure Clear for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Tech21 Pure Clear for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Tech21 Evo Check for Google Pixel 4 XL

Style & Design

If you're looking to dress up your phone with some style. Tech21 has also got some great folio and wallet cases. No cards anymore? (trust me, we're at that stage too) They've got you covered with their new radiant range for iPhone 12 and you've also got a choice of coloured cases in a beautiful slim non-slip grip range - EvoSlim

Tech21 EvoSlim for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

Tech21 EvoSlim for iPhone 12 Mini

Tech21 EvoWallet for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

Shop with the peace of mind 

With a powerful case that lasts the lifetime of your phone, pay for that peace of mind – no more spending a fortune in replacement and repair, and help combat earth waste. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung or Google Pixel, shop our best-selling range here

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