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Everything you need to know about iOS 14

Everything you need to know about iOS 14

It’s that time of the year for Apple fans with the first ever, all online Worldwide Developer’s  Conference streamed right from Cupertino, California. Read on to find out what is coming to your iPhone later this year.

Every year, we usually see a range of updates that focus on privacy, convenience and speed however this year, we see a lot more customisable aspects and again, a huge upgrade to the iMessage.

iOS 14’s home screen comes with a brand new look with widgets and Smart Stack. Usually, users have had a boring old grid full of apps however with the introduction of this new software, you’ll now be able to see handy widgets including calendar appointments, weather or top news stories. The best part? With Smart Stack, you can create an overlay of widgets that’ll automatically appear at the right time of the day. Usually checking stock prices when the market opens? The Stocks widget will be right there waiting for you!

Apple has also introduced compact calls and picture in picture for your iPhone. This means when you’re on FaceTime or watching a video, you’ll be able to continue using your iPhone without pausing and better yet, you’ll continue seeing the video in a smaller screen in the corner of your phone.

iMessage. Most of us use this everyday so it’s a pretty big deal. You’re now able to pin your loved ones at the top of the app. Rather than scrolling through trying to find the thread, it’s at the top waiting for you. Losing messages in a group chat? With inline replies, you can focus on relevant messages in a group thread without creating a new one.

This next one is for you cyclers and EV owners. Apple Maps now comes with cycle directions and even includes charging stations along your route if you own an electric vehicle.

If you’re travelling soon, Apple Maps now has you covered with Guides. Guides offers you the latest recommendations around the world to eat, shop and explore. While abroad, if you need to translate, you can now do this with the all new Translate app.

Having a conversation? Conversation mode allows you to rotate your phone, tap the microphone and chat! Guides and Translate are both available to save to your device so these can be accessed while offline!

If you own an iPhone, expect to receive an 'over-the-air' update around September when the new software alongside Apple's flagship iPhone should be announced. 

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