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COVID 19: How to keep your phone clean.

COVID 19: How to keep your phone clean.

Everyday, everywhere you go, everywhere you look and everywhere you scroll, you’ll either see or hear something about the Novel Coronavirus otherwise marked as COVID-19. Research shows that the bacteria that carries the virus may last several days on surfaces if not disinfected in the correct manner. 


Now we’re sure everyone is washing their hands regularly, refraining from touching their face and practicing greater hygiene during a time like this - but if there’s one thing that loves to hold onto bacteria, it’s definitely your phone, tablet and laptop!


These devices are magnets for bacteria! Why? Well let us tell ya that a study conducted by dscout revealed that a person touches their phone on average 2,617 times a day. Whether you’ve just received a text message, Snapchat or scored a discount code from Tekitin by email - you’re most likely going to pick up your phone. (We don’t blame you!)


Major tech companies including Apple, Samsung and Google have released statements and even cleaning services for their devices around the world which guide you on what grades of wipes to use and what items will and won’t damaged the device whether you’re wiping the speakers, charging port or just the screen. 


If you own an iPhone or iPad, Apple has recently made changes to their cleaning guidelines for their devices in a response to the pandemic declared earlier this month. With the use of a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, Apple has stated that it is okay to gently wipe the surfaces of your Apple product including displays, keyboards and other non-porous surfaces. In other words, keep it away from the speaker ports, noise sensors (next to the rear camera) and charging ports. Apple has also included cleaning guidelines for all of their devices including their HomePod, AirPods and other devices that may build up bacteria available on their website. 


Google’s disinfecting instructions are also very similar to those of Apple. They also suggest the use of a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe. Google also allow you to use an ordinary household wipe that you may have stashed in the cleaning cabinet however you should not use bleach on your Google Pixel device at all. 


Samsung on the other hand, have opened up a public and free phone disinfecting service labelled as “Galaxy Sanitising Service.” Unfortunately, it is not available in Australia at the moment however this service may be offered in the near future. As listed on the Samsung Malaysia website, sanitising a phone only takes 30 seconds and uses a UV-C light. That means no harsh chemicals or worry for liquid damage. Cleaning a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Tab may take up 3 minutes. Samsung has also offered the service to all devices and not just Samsung. 

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Please note the information provided is for informative purposes and you should not clean your device based off the information above. For the most accurate information on how to clean your device please check with the manufacturer of your phone. 

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