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Save on your Electricity Bill this Summer

Save on your Electricity Bill this Summer

As we move into the Summer season, one thing that’s for sure is that the air-conditioning will be running a lot more than usual. If you’re one to keep your house cool through the summer months, you can expect to pay thousands more on your electricity bill throughout the hotter season. As lucky as we are to enjoy a warm summer, those humid nights sometimes leave us no choice but to crank the aircon.

Over the years, we’ve seen major improvements to all of our home comforts. Lighting, garage doors, blinds and many other appliances are now becoming smarter. If there is one thing we haven’t seen just yet, it’s smart aircon.

Tado’s Smart AC Controller takes your existing aircon to the next level. It replaces your existing remote control and connects to your Wi-Fi without any additional wiring. Now you’re probably thinking – this sounds too good to be true. Picture this – it’s a scorcher outside, you’ve finished up at work and it’s still 35˚ outside. From your iPhone or Android phone, have the house cooled down by the time you arrive at home. Magic... Tada! No, Tado.

tado smart aircon controller

Tado connects to your air-conditioning unit via infrared (just like the remote control that came with it originally) and uses the existing wi-fi network at home to communicate with the app on your smartphone. Have you turned your home into a smart home also? Tado is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit - and if you’re anymore automated than that, it also works with IFTTT (If This Then That) to create the ultimate convenience.

Tado is packed full of energy saving features and perks including geofencing, open window detection, weather adaption, and smart scheduling.

Using your location, Tado will recognise if anyone is leaving or on the way home. It’s Auto-Assist feature will ensure that the air-conditioning isn’t running while no one’s home. 

Open Window Detection
Someone left a window open? Tado will detect if a window is open around the aircon and ping you to let you know. If there’s anything we aren’t a fan of (no pun intended), it’s turning on the aircon for hours only to find that you’re cooling down the neighbourhood.

Weather Adaption
If it isn’t too hot outside, there’s no need to turn your home into a walk-in freezer. Tado will adapt the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature so that it reduces energy consumption.

Smart Schedule
Smart Schedule lets you easily plan your desired day and night time temperatures in time blocks based on your routine – no more finicky aircon menus and timers.

Tado can also help you to achieve a cooler climate more efficiently. It’ll tell you when and for how long to open the windows, and even if a room has any risk of developing mould. If you’ve got more than one aircon unit around the house, you’re able to set up multiple Tado controllers and have them all available to you from your smartphone. You can add up to 25 devices to your home with access for up to 100 users.

tado smart aircon controller

The Tado Smart AC Controller is compatible with most manufacturers and works for both air-conditioning and heating. It also comes with adhesive strips so there no need for any screws, nuts or bolts.

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