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The Screen Protector for Creators

The Screen Protector for Creators

Did you know that an iPad screen replacement can cost the same as a completely refurbished iPad, depending on your iPad model and the type of damage? Gone are the days when you risk not protecting; the cost of an accident can really add up in the long term.

We are strongly encouraged to protect our life, motor vehicle, and home, but sometimes our most used possessions are forgotten. In today's day and age, screen protectors are a necessity, but we understand that not all screen protectors' prices and quality are worthy. That's where Paperlike comes in, saving you money and making your iPad more pleasant to use and if you’re one that uses your iPad for notetaking or drawings, they’ve got just the right screen protector for you.

Jan, the founder, and creator found the feeling of hard rubber writing on glass very awkward. He took it in his own hand to develop a purposeful solution. Paperlike was developed specifically with creators and doers in mind. For professionals and artists who want paper precision in a paperless environment. For those seeking magic underneath their fingertips.



The Paperlike screen protector has been skillfully engineered with Nanodots technology into its surface and has been carefully distributed to make your Apple Pencil vibrate ever so slightly. Hence, it feels like you're writing on paper. Additionally, it has been designed so that the display light shines around and through them to minimize refractions and with a matte, anti-glare finish so you can enjoy screen time while in the sun. So unlike other screen protectors, Paperlike will never spoil your view.

The iPad is excellent for consuming content and creating content. A truly versatile product that is great for traveling, browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, reading magazines and books. But more importantly, the Apple Pencil can do a lot more, and it has transformed how people use it.

We believe that the experience is just as important as the outcome because the experience leads to the outcome. Sketching, scribbling, and note-taking on paper versus typing or working on glass is incomparable. Writing with your iPad pencil forces your brain to mentally engage with the information, improving literacy and reading comprehension. On the other hand, typing encourages verbatim notes without giving much thought to the information.

So if you are looking for pure quality and more control over your pen stroke, we have you sorted. But don't just take our word for it or the hundreds of customers who have given remarkable reviews; with the click of a finger, you can transition to the Paperlike lifestyle.

The Paperlike Screen Protector is available in a duo pack and suited for the iPad Air & Pro. You can find the right one for your iPad and everything else you need to know including installation here

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