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A Bright Idea for your Smart Home

A Bright Idea for your Smart Home

Nowadays, there's definitely more than a picture frame to hang on the wall. Whether it's a photo from your last overseas holiday (not that we've got anything recent 🤔), or a photo of the Eiffel Tower you found while out furniture shopping, interior design and decor has become so much more important to us.

We'd like to introduce to you, Nanoleaf. Pushing boundaries to their limits to recreate wall mounted lighting, whether it's in the home or at the office, their Shapes range proves and continues to be a stand-out amongst decorators. 

So, what are their Shapes range? 

Made of modular LED light panels, Nanoleaf have combined smart technology with a sleek ultra-thin design. These lights panels are the ultimate statement piece for your empty wall and definitely give you the ability to personalise your workspace or create the perfect mood for any occasion. 

How does it work? 

Simple. Available in a convenient starter pack with nine panels, they are easily mounted with "no drill" double-sided mounting tape (included with your starter kit). Only one panel needs to be powered - as for the rest of the panels, thanks to being designed with Connect+ Technology, their connected by linkers (also included) which gives you the freedom to design your panels however you like. From our experience, the desire to keep adding light panels becomes quite addictive. But, no stress - Nanoleaf offers Expansion Packs which include mini triangles too, so you can grow your wall mounted design as you please and if you just can't stop, one Nanoleaf Controller can support up to 500 light panels. 

Is there any electrical work involved? 

Not at all! Nanoleaf is very much plug and play. Once mounted, plug these into a power socket and all you need is a WiFi connection and an iPhone or Android device to get these panels connected to your internet connection. Once complete, you can even control them with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Don't have any virtual assistants? Nanoleaf is touch-reactive so you're able to set up gestures to control the panels. We found swiping up and down as an on/off function to be totally convenient for us. 

So I've set them up, now what? 

The fun doesn't stop here. The Nanoleaf Shapes come with the function to enable real-time music sync so now you won't be the only one dancing around the living room (trust me, I've been guilty of this one). Not a music fan? Well you'll like this one. Nanoleaf's Screen Mirror feature can reflect your screen to enable an immersive entertainment experience. 

Looking for some inspo?

Check out our Instagram for some of our favourite designs. Nanoleaf, available at Tekitin Technology.

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