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LiveScribe: The Device Every Student Needs

LiveScribe: The Device Every Student Needs

What if a pen was more than just a pen? 

Attention all students. Livescribe 3 is the tool that you are definitely going to want, a pen that is so much more than just a pen. Livesrcibe takes note taking, organising and scheduling to another level by transferring what you have on paper into the cloud. Trust me you’re going to want to know about this device.


So what is Livescribe?

Livescribe is a pen…sort of. Livescribe goes beyond paper; It’s a pen that allows you to transfer hand written notes into the digital world. But it doesn’t stop there. Livescribe can record while you write, adding a whole new dimension to your note taking, emphasising how every word counts. As well as this, your notebooks become searchable with the ease of a tap. All this within a pen… How?


The Tech Behind It

The Livescribe 3 smart-pen is designed as a premium-writing instrument, with the look and feel of a quality ballpoint pen combined with the intelligence of a mobile device. Its Award winning design, integrates a Swiss-made tungsten-carbide ballpoint ink cartridge with a stylus cap. Its key features include Bluetooth, built in memory to sync with any device, an infrared camera , ARM processor and lithium ion battery.


How it works 

With the Livescribe 3 smartpen and the Livescribe+ mobile app (using Bluetooth Smart) simply write on the Livescribe notepad and watch it instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone. Your notes become more useful when they are tagged, organized, searchable and converted to text. Use the mic on your tablet or smartphone to add recorded audio that's synced with your handwriting, so you can be sure you'll never miss a word.



5 reasons you need this thing


  1. Makes your notes more streamlined and accessible 

Your notes are everything. They’re your time, they’re your creations and most importantly they’re the answers to your problems. So it's important that you  your notes are secure. Using Livescribe allows you to access your notes in many formats across multiple locations, meaning the outcomes of certain situations (example losing your note book) aren’t as drastic. Not only that but it cancels out the concern of a dead or forgotten laptop meaning you don’t have to waste time transferring your notes after you’ve already written them.


  1. Picks up on what you miss

 Your classes and lectures are important. They’re the keystone to your education and are the means of which your work is projected. However, these classes and lectures hold many hours and span across your whole day. Our attention spans aren’t disciplined enough to hold focus for this long, so its unrealistic to be able to not only listen but to also remember everything hashed to us in a class. This is where Livescribe comes in. By using the built in microphone you can assure every word is being captured in a class, meaning you can come back to it and don’t miss a thing.


  1. Your notes are easy to scan

Ever had the frustration of flicking through millions of papers and documents to find that one thing you wrote down 4 months ago… Me too.  Livescribe saves you that hassle with its smart search engine. Its simple, just type in a date or keyword and it will direct you straight to what you were looking for.


  1. All this within a small pen

Exactly, All this in just a pen. With all this technology forged inside of a pen, there’s no extra carry load or any negative trade offs, its simply portable and ready at command. Wear it on your ear, clip it on your shirt, put it in your pocket or even just store it in a pencil case. That’s the beauty of this product, it looks and feels just like a pen except its so much more.


  1. Because you deserve the best when it come to your education

Whether it’s for your career, a driver for your passion or even for personal knowledge, your education is one of the most important factors in your entire life and it matters. So why not treat yourself to the best? And why not give yourself the best possible environment to learn in? Livescribe offers you the best of the best when it comes to maximising your education.


The Wrap

Don’t sit back and accept the standardised way of learning. It’s a tech world and your education is the passport to your future, and the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. So save time with your note taking, make life less of a hassle and give yourself an advantage with Livescribe. You’ll be thanking yourself.

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