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Everything You Need To Know About The New IPhone 11

Everything You Need To Know About The New IPhone 11



On the September 10th apple hosted its annual keynote event and as always it lived up to hype. Key moments of the event saw promotions for a new apple watch (series 5), a new iPad (7th generation) and a new apple streaming service. While some may have been excited for that, all the hype was aimed at the highly anticipated iPhone 11. This blog will break down everything you need to know about the new phone and all three of its model, before thinking about making that purchase.

The look


The new models come in a vast array of colours, seeing old colours return and new ones come to life. Here are all the following colour choices for each model:

iPhone 11 Standard

-    Red

-    Yellow

-    White

-    Black

-    Purple (New)

-    Green (New)

iPhone 11 Pro/Max

-    Silver

-    Gold

-    Space Gray

-    Midnight Green (New/Our Favorite)


The standard version of the phone will come with a similar glass finish to its predecessors, while the Pro and Max will have an all-new matte textured finish. The main difference in the design from previous iPhones is seen through the camera layout on the back. Two or three (depending on which model you go for) separated camera lens give a new look to the iPhone, making these phones look the part and definitely stand out design-wise.


Standard Version Colours


Pro/Max Version Colours

The Specs

What Do The Specs Mean

If your not a tech nerd like we are then well dumb down the specs for you. Basically, the key things to note is that these phones come with an incredible camera, look better than ever, are faster than ever (20% faster than last years model) and are durable too, with Apple claiming it's used the “toughest glass ever in a smartphone”.

The Camera

The camera is so good on this phone that it needs a heading for itself.  The phone comes with a new 12MP selfie shooter and a dual-lens set up around the back (a wide and an ultra-wide lens, both 12MP). Apple says the setup allows users to capture four times more scene in stills and stabilized 4K-60fps video’s with extended dynamic range.

Its new ‘Night Mode’ feature on the rear camera allows for better low light performance and its new ‘Audio Zoom’ feature attempts to isolate sound to match the vision when zooming in while taking videos.

And It only gets better with the advanced models, featuring an additional camera around the back. This additional 2MP telephoto lens allows for 2x optical zoom.


iPhone 11 Standard:

  • 64GB: 1199$
  • 128GB: 1279$
  • 256GB: 1449$

iPhone 11 Pro:

  • 64GB: 1749$
  • 256GB: 1999$
  • 512GB: 2349$

iPhone 11 Max:

  • 64GB: 1899$
  • 256GB: 2149$
  • 512GB: 2499$

Release date

All Phones release to the public on the 20th of September.


With a large dip in sales last year (12%) apple needed to make a standout phone that would re-attract customers back to the brand that started it all, and we feel like the iPhone 11 has done that.  With fresh upgrades across the board and a tweak in design, we think apple have made a successful phone with the new 11 and see it being popular amongst its users.


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