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It's Clear, You Need a ClearGuard

It's Clear, You Need a ClearGuard

Don't you love working from home... hot coffee resting on the arm of your couch while you're under a blanket typing away with Netflix in the background.

My favourite part is when I spill my coffee all over my Macbook 😑. 

It happens more often than I'd like to admit. I never know if I'm more annoyed about making another coffee, or my almost ruined Mac. 

Have you ever actually taken a close look at the keys on your keyboard? Or rather, I should say underneath!? There's all kinds of weird and wonderful things under there, from crumbs and dust to pet hair and... I don't even have a pet 🐶.
My point is that over time, this will destroy the integrity of your keys.

Also, does your screen look like a naughts and crosses game when it's switched off? After vigorous testing, I've developed a top-secret solution (it's very complex) to eliminating finger prints. My theory is if you never clean them, they can't come back 🤫.

Terrible, I know.

Now that I'm onto my fourth Macbook and have to keep my hands sanitised, I've had to re-jig my strategies. I've turned to our friends at Moshi to help keep my tech looking fresher for longer.

Moshi's mantra is making fewer, better products. They offer a premium range of accessories that will fit a variety of different Macbook's and Apple keyboards. After using some of Moshi's accessories for the last few weeks, I've fallen in love with my Mac all over again. Here's some recommendations if you'd like to re-live your 'Mac at First Sight' experience also.

Keyboard Protectors

The Moshi ClearGuard for Apple Macbook boasts many things, but one thing it doesn't exaggerate is the protection on offer. Fighting finger grease, mustard stains, and clumsy spills - the ultra-thin ClearGuard keyboard protector is just one fifth the thickness of most keyboard protectors. The ClearGuard is highly transparent and virtually invisible, allowing your backlit keys to shine through clearly ✨. It's made from durable non-toxic materials and is completely washable and reusable. Available for Macbook Pro and Air models, with and without the Touch Bar, 13", 15", and 16".

If you're more of a desktop kinda person and an iMac is more your thing, you probably already own an Apple Magic Keyboard - don't worry, Moshi has you covered here too 😏. The Moshi ClearGuard for Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad offers the same protection against finger grease, stains and spills. This protector also is ultra-thin and made from the same durable non-toxic materials that make it washable, reusable and undetectable.

Screen Protectors

If privacy is your thing, and you like to keep prying eyes away, then look at the Moshi Umbra Privacy Guard. For your eyes only. Unlike other privacy screen protectors that require special fasteners or tabs, this privacy screen protector is not only easy to install, but also 100% bubble-proof and can be washed and reapplied repeatedly for long-term use. Umbra Privacy Guard also reduces blue light emissions by 35% to ensure comfortable viewing over long working hours - it not only protects your privacy, but also your eyes 👀. Available for Macbook Pro and Air models, 13" and 15", and even Microsoft Surface.

The Moshi iVisor for Apple Macbook is Moshi's best-selling screen protector. Installed in seconds, completely bubble free, and created using a new multi-layer construction, it features incredible clarity while reducing glare to effectively relieve that eye strain from staring at your screen for too long. As all other of Moshi's protectors - it is washable and reusable 🙌. Available for iPad, Macbook, and even Tesla!

Check out the rest of the Moshi range and stay protected! 

As always, we love seeing your setups. Snap some pics and tag us on Instagram (@tekitin) to be featured on our page.

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