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Moshi Umbra Privacy Guard for MacBook 15”

by Moshi
  • The ultimate privacy screen protector that brings security without reducing visibility
  • Easy to install and 100% bubble-proof, no fasteners required
  • Narrow 50-degree viewing angle prevents unwanted side-viewers to see what's on the screen
  • Reduces blue light emissions by 35%
  • Washable adhesive for long product life - Umbra can be washed and reapplied repeatedly
  • Slim design allows the device to fully close

Umbra for MacBook 15” is a privacy screen protector that not only protects the device's screen, it also safeguards on-screen content from prying eyes. It is ideal for traveling professionals handling sensitive information in industries like healthcare, finance, government, technology, education, and more.

No matter where - airplane, train, or hotel lobby - Umbra gives peace of mind by securing any data-on-screen. 

Unlike other privacy screen protectors that require special fasteners or tabs, Umbra is easy to install, 100% bubble-proof, and can also be washed and reapplied repeatedly for long-term use.

Umbra also reduces blue light emissions by 35% to ensure comfortable viewing over long working hours.