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Laptop Screen Protectors

Extend the life of your laptop and protect it from scratches, marks and smudges with Tekitin's range of laptop screen protectors. Acting as a protective film, our screen guards offer premium screen protection for Apple MacBooks and Microsoft Surfaces. Like our range of phone screen protectors, these computer screen protectors can be applied in seconds and are so thin, they're virtually undetectable.

Featuring anti scratch and anti fingerprint technology, our laptop screen protectors will keep your screen crystal clear and completely protected at all times; which means, no more pesky finger print stains or scratches on touch screens! Not to mention, they reduce blue light emissions and reduce glare to help with eye strain - so you can comfortably work on your laptop for hours at a time - especially when you pair them with our ergonomic laptop stands.

With a 100% bubble-proof installation, these anti glare screen protectors perfectly fit 12 inch to 15 inch laptops. Plus, when you pair our screen guards with our laptop cases and laptop bags, you can be rest assured that your laptops will last a lifetime.

In Tekitin's collection of screen covers, you can choose between standard and privacy screen protectors. While both are designed to protect your device's screen perfectly, the latter safeguards from prying eyes. With a narrow 50-degree viewing angle, it prevents unwanted side-viewers from seeing what's on the screen - offering security and privacy without compromising on visibility. Our screen protectors also feature a patented adhesive that is both washable and reusable, extending the life of the screen protector! Which means you can use it again and again.

Shop Tekitin's range of high-quality laptop screen protectors for Microsoft Surfaces and Apple MacBooks online today and save when you shop with Zippay! Don't forget to check out our range of laptop accessories too, so you can optimise and personalise your laptop.