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Wireless Earphones

Whether you’re out for a run, hitting the gym or simply just not a fan of wires getting in the way of your tasks - wireless earphones make listening to your favourite tunes much easier. Connect to your smartphone device via bluetooth - no jack connection required - and go about your day with no wiry hindrances.

Different to wired earphones, wireless earphones involve standard ear pieces that are connected via a short wire that sit behind your neck. They also include easy control panels within the wire so you can still adjust the sound and control your audio. While there are still wires involved with wireless bluetooth earphones, the difference is that the wire does not require a physical phone connection, meaning you are free from tangled wires. If you are after true wireless earbuds then browse our bluetooth earbuds range.

Our range of wireless earphones use advanced audio technology to provide only the best sound quality. You’ll find leading audio brands such as House of Marley in our selection of wireless headsets, while also enjoying a host of innovative features.

Key features of our wireless earphones include extended battery life ranging from 6-8 hours as well as in-line microphones for phone calls. Noise isolation also offers active noise cancelling that works to maximise the sound of your music while minimising the noises around you. Our wireless headsets are designed with athletic performance in mind, with durable, tangle free cable, secure fits and water resistance in selected earphones.

If you’re wanting to share your music with everyone else, then we also have a wide selection of wireless speakers that are great for parties or group gym classes. And of course we offer traditional wired headphones and wired earphones too.

Shop the best sounding wireless earphones right here at Tekitin today and listen to music like never before. And don’t forget, you can buy now and pay later with Zippay!