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Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit


Unleash creative superpowers with the Light Racer Kit. Build your own wireless bike lights that flash as you ride, while learning about capacitors, wireless coils and get to grips with the extraordinary power of wireless technology.

This STEM learning-smart toy is an easy-to-use kit that encourages children to explore science, technology, engineering and maths while having fun and developing their creativity and imagination.

Enhance and master wireless power as you build lights that flash as you ride your bike by using a simple, easy-to-follow online manual. Kids (and adults) can simply follow the steps to create their very own electromagnetic light.

Join the online community to find more projects and ideas and loads of interactive manuals, so the fun will never end!


  • Teaches about wireless electricity, capacitors, LED lights and more
  • Encourages problem solving, concentration and attention
  • Build bike lights that flash as you ride
  • Capture electricity through the air by bringing simple components together
  • Free access to Club Make for dozens of ideas for how to use the kit
  • Easy to start projects for beginners 
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Batteries included


    • Online manual compatible with all devices
    • LED x 3
    • Emitter
    • Wires x 2
    • Capacitors x 2
    • Straps x 2
    • Spoke lights x 2