Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible Pad (2017) - Black

by Samsung
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Go even longer between charges with this spare battery pack. It charges itself fast, just like it charges your phone, so keeping powered up is a breeze. And with a handy strap, it's easy to charge on the go.


5V output voltage (max, normal charge)
Charge any which way
Handy strap
Compatible with Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8.
Convertible form-factor

Color: Couch Black

Technical Information: Wireless Charging, WPC(Qi) Standard, Convertible Form-Factor (Pad & Stand)
Interface: USB Type-C, WIreless, Packaging Contents, Wireless Charger Convertible, Quick Start Guide, Micro USB Connector

Cable Length: 0 m

Input Voltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5V
Input Voltage (Max, Fast Charge): 9V
Input Current (Max, Normal Charge): 2A
Input Current (Max, Fast Charge): 1.67A
Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5V
Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge): 9V
Output Current (Max, Normal Charge): 1A
Output Current (Max, Fast Charge): 1A