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ROLI Live Block

by Roli
The ROLI Live Block is the companion that helps being musically spontaneous when performing on ROLI BLOCKS, making it easier to add expression to music when.

The Live Block’s controls provide shortcuts for switching scales and octaves, playing chords and arpeggios, and sustaining notes - all in real time during a performance. Interruption of your flow by delving into software menus is history.

Live Block is a companion Block that only works when connected to ROLI’s Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block. 

ROLI’s revolutionary music-making devices are the future of music creation. BLOCKS is a modular system that lets anyone learn and play music on powerful devices that snap together. The award-winning Seaboard instruments are radical evolution of the piano keyboard that help musicians - including renowned artists like Stevie Wonder and Meghan Trainor - be more expressive. Professionals and people who have never played an instrument are touching sound in new ways through ROLI’s ecosystem of Connected Music products.


  • Companion Block to ROLI’s Lightpad Block M and Seaboard Block
  • Change scales and octaves
  • Play chords just by pressing one note
  • Play arpeggios
  • Switch sounds
  • Sustain notes in real time


  • Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth LE, 6 BLOCKS DNA connectors
  • Power Source: Charges via connection to the Lightpad, Lightpad M and Seaboard Block
  • Dims: W 48 mm x H 20 mm x D 94 mm
  • Weight: 160 gr