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Free Delivery Australia Wide!

Mous Limitless 2.0 Case - Walnut for iPhone XR

by Mous

Lined with High Impact Material: AiroShock dampens the impact of drops whilst providing extra grip to the phone. This allows our cases to be super slim yet extremely protective.

Introducing AutoAlign: Our magnet mounting technology extends your case seamlessly. Each case features small hidden magnets that work with our crafted case add ons that aim to streamline your everyday.

Crafted with Real Materials: Every single one of our cases is made from real, authentic materials. Whether it is walnut or sea shell, every case is the real deal and unique to you.


AiroShock Protection
Mous Limitless 2.0 iPhone cases are extremely protective and shockproof whilst retaining a slim, sleek design. AiroShock dampens the impact of drops whilst providing extra grip to the phone. We've further optimised both thickness and protection of our cases through increasing AiroShock's density. Our Limitless cases are designed to be rigid and extremely tight fitting to the phone, enhancing protection against front screen drops.

Features and Materials
Limitless 2.0 iPhone XR cases are slim, protective and durable. All iPhone XR cases are lined with AiroShock. The frames of the iPhone XR cases are made from a mix of poly-carbonate and TPU and are designed with lowered lips for seamless edge to edge swiping.

These cases are protective but still incredibly thin. Limitless 2.0 cases only add 4.5mm to the thickness of the back of your iPhone.

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