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Free Delivery Australia Wide!

Mous Hybrid Screen Protector - Glass for iPhone X/Xs

by Mous
Dual Layered Technology: We were inspired to create a screen protector that fused the best of both worlds; the high protection properties of plastic but the clarity and feel of glass. These protectors are as slim as a human hair but you can feel confident if you drop your phone the protector won?t crack like a glass one would, letting you use it for longer!

We hate bubbles too!: Our screen protector comes with a rig so you will be able to apply it perfectly onto your phone without any bubbles.

Features and Materials: The Hybrid Glass Screen Protector combines the best of glass and plastic screen protectors. The Optical clarity P.E.T base is shatterproof and extremely protective, while the glass coating is anti-scratch and smooth to the touch.

The Hybrid Glass Screen Protector is oleophobic (oil repellant) and hydrophobic (water repellant) providing extra protection against exposure to most liquids.